Our Pre-K class provides a child-driven, enriching, and developmentally appropriate curriculum.  The daily curriculum includes the children listening to a wide variety of age appropriate literature read aloud.  To introduce earth sciences, the children identify the characteristics of local weather based on first-hand observation in our school garden.  The children observe the American flag, sing “We Love Our Flag” and recite The Pledge of Allegiance for social science/history appreciation and to take responsibility for simple classroom tasks everyday as they perform the classroom job list.  Number sense is introduced by saying the name of numbers in meaningful contexts everyday when we count down the numbers on the calendar and use positional language when we discuss what today is, what yesterday was, and what tomorrow will be.  The children communicate their personal experiences or interest during Circle Time to build their confidence and language skills.  Physical development occurs when children combine large muscle movements with equipment and use various motor skills to move from one place to another during outdoor play.  Enthusiastic teachers and a well developed curriculum offer children a variety of experiences and hands on activities designed to promote cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth.  Our goal is Kindergarten readiness made fun.


As a nervous four year old, I was afraid and hesitant to encounter new experiences. Pre-school was no different. As I clung to my mother’s leg refusing to let her leave me, a kind and patient teacher eased me into the classroom and away from my mother. Through elementary school, middle school, and high school, my mother constantly reminded me of the woman and pre-school that kept me in school. She told me over and over again that I would not have made it to school without her. On my last day of pre-school at The Campbell School, my mom made a promise. She promised that on the day of my high school graduation, I would bring Mrs. Zizza roses to thank her for her patience and effort and for overall keeping me in school. At eighteen years old, a high school graduate, eager to start college in the fall, I walked through the doors of the Campbell School and I gave Mrs. Zizza the roses she deserved. Although I do not have a perfect memory of my pre-school career, I know I would not have completed it had it not been for Mrs. Zizza, Mrs. Campbell, and the Campbell School. Juliann Cosetta Milton High School 2014 / Westfield State University 2018

“I smile everyday as the pack of kids (mine included) race to get in the door of The Campbell School!  Not sure you find that everywhere!”

“We loudly and enthusiastically recommend The Campbell School.”

“The teachers go above and beyond to ensure that the children understand the material, feel comfortable within the classroom and leave school feeling cared for each day.”

“I’m never worried when I drop off my child.  I enjoy the sense of family at the school.  Everyone is always so helpful and willing to listen.  We couldn’t have made a better choice.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better, more stimulating environment.”

“Voted Best School in Milton by readers of The Milton Times, 2009, 2010, 2011.”

“A loving, happy place with a wonderful curriculum.”

“The experience that the teachers bring to the class at The Campbell School in fostering fundamental literacy skills is exceptional.”

“We continue to be grateful and impressed at the strength of the program and the dedication of the faculty in providing our children with such an incredible educational foundation.”

“For the community it creates, for the diverse students and education, for the smile on our sons faces every morning, we LOVE the Campbell School.”